We’re proud to be working with leading data science teams around the world.

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Using Domino as their data science workbench, Allstate delivers a personalized, efficient experience to over 16 million households.


“Domino helps us more rapidly improve and deploy new strategies.”

— Alexander Izydorczyk, Head of Data Science, Coatue


Domino helps DBRS accelerate the pace at which it can respond to clients and bring new data sources and credit methodologies to market.


With Domino, Audubon saves time and deploys resources more effectively helping to conserve over 500 bird species.


Mashable’s data science team uses natural language processing in Domino to accelerate and improve their journalistic process.


KatRisk builds and delivers high-availability API-accessible risk models to global insurances companies, all without building any infrastructure.

Snap Finance

“Domino let us launch quickly, we didn’t have to worry about any of the backend engineering.”

— Tyler Hunt, Data Scientist at Snap Finance


8tracks run their data science program at a fraction of the costs and people than would be required otherwise.

Domino Data Science Platform

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