Best practices for teams, productivity for individuals.

Build a collaborative, reliable, and reproducible analytics machine.

Central Hub for Research

Today’s complex problems overwhelm even the best individual data scientists. Genius and heroics are not a sustainable strategy. Domino enables organizations to codify best practices and compound knowledge, creating a constantly improving data science machine.

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Open, Scalable Compute Platform

The pace of innovation in open source tools continues to accelerate. Yet, IT acts as a gatekeeper as more tools often equals more risk. Domino reduces the IT burden and unleashes data science teams with open environment management and language-agnostic collaboration in one place.

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Rapid Model Deployment

Data science is moving from the periphery to the core of the business. Static reports no longer satisfy the demands of data science consumers. Domino streamlines the publication of interactive apps and APIs to operationalize results and empower users.

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Single System of Record

Regulatory requirements are expanding and clash with the exploratory research process. Data science technology hasn’t kept up with need to reproduce and audit work. Domino records all activity, preserving context while reducing the documentation tax.

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Domino Data Science Platform

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