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    Five Reasons You Need to be at Rev 3

    February 17, 2022   4 min read

    We believe the companies that will soar above the rest and address the world’s challenges are those that put data science at the heart of their business.  70% of U.S. data executives agree with us, expecting AI to have a significant material impact on their business.

    That’s great news until you delve deeper.

    Nearly half of data scientists say those same businesses are not investing enough to make AI projects work and a shocking 82% of those polled say their company leadership should be concerned that bad or failing models could lead to severe consequences for the company.

    Clearly “splashy” investments are not paying off and companies need to start thinking long-term!

    ...and Rev is the place to stop thinking short-term and kickstart your future. 

    Rev 3 is THE can’t miss annual Enterprise MLOps summit of the year, happening November 9-11 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. 

    We know you want to be there but we’ve got 5 more reasons why you NEED to be there...

    1. Bump Elbows with the Industry’s Best

    Over 1000 of the top leaders, data scientists, and innovators in the industry plan on attending Rev and they are coming to engage. We’re confident it will be the perfect place to collaborate with colleagues, share challenges and possible solutions, forge strategic partnerships for future success...and meet the next hot talent. 

    The agenda will be jam-packed with amazing interactive inspiring speakers, sessions, round tables, and training. But we know it’s critical to have flexible time when the real action is happening. 

    We plan on having fun too! Join us at the hotel on the evening of the 10th for good food, libations, entertainment, and a chance to network with old colleagues and meet new ones at the Rev 3 party.

    During the day, we’ve woven hours of networking breaks into the schedule because we think this informal time is just as important as the scheduled agenda. That means there’s plenty of freedom for real-time conversations, time to build new working relationships, solve the most pressing problems and spur innovation. 

    Plus, we’re bringing in our entire team and engineers behind Domino’s leading enterprise MLOps platform. Who better to talk with about accelerating the development and deployment of your data science work? Or about increasing collaboration and governance? They believe model-driven business is the future and they will be on-site ready to connect in person, answer questions, help as needed, and get the creativity flowing.

    2. Win with insights and knowledge of the latest trends and issues

    Rev is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the biggest issues facing model-driven businesses today and decide how you need to respond. 

    What is happening? How will it affect you? How can you address the issues?

    Governance over machine learning is at the global forefront this year. The EU is forging ahead with wide-ranging AI regulations, including restrictions on mass surveillance, and the FTC is honing in on biased algorithms. This is just the beginning. Are you confident your company has the requisite security, governance, compliance, and auditability to provide the necessary transparency for tomorrow’s oversight?  

    The news isn’t just about regulation.

    This pandemic has kicked the need for speed into high gear. Not only did COVID shake up what we thought we knew (demand and supply) but it kept changing the game...again, and again, and again. Those who survived embraced the perils of change and learned how to make them their key to success. Don’t get left behind because your models are still learning to crawl. How do you make model velocity an imperative?

    You need to be there to gain critical insights from others facing the same issues today. Be the first to know about the latest trends, brainstorm solutions, fine-tune your tools, and discover how you can leverage data science to build your success. 

    3. You Need to Get out of the House

    After the past year and a half, don’t you think it’s about time you switch gears, stop staring out the window of your makeshift work-from-home setup, escape the zoom fatigue, and end the isolation? You are not alone. 

    Only 1% of people say they are completely satisfied with their work-from-home arrangements and, just like you, 95% of people are itching for a change from remote work.

    In fact, we know a mental reset is critical for your brain, your productivity, and your success. What better way to create a new mental space than by changing your physical space?

    That’s why we’ve planned an energizing, engaging fully in-person experience for Rev to bring you a new level of connection, not possible with virtual alone. Bringing people together to inspire, share, connect, and innovate.

    4. We’ve got Star Power

    It’s all about the energy in the room for our keynote speakers. We’re thrilled to feature visionaries who challenge the status quo to make monumental leaps and succeed in driving progress and compelling the world to follow suit. 

    Nobel Prize winners, presidential advisors, former generals, and best-selling authors are ready to challenge you. Channel their energy to take a closer look at your processes and thinking within your business and teams. They’ll be sharing insights and tools to help you unleash the power of your team.

    5. We’re Lifting the Hood: Explore the Nuts and Bolts of Domino with Product Experts

    In addition to two days jam-packed with can’t-miss speakers, round tables, and sessions, November 9th will be dedicated to technical training.  That’s a full day for data science practitioners to immerse themselves in all things Domino and its ecosystem of tools and compute across the entire MLOps lifecycle. 

    Rev will be a full three days of unprecedented learning opportunities where you and your team get to interact, ask questions, discuss scenarios, and gain value to move your business to the next level. 

    So, it’s time to stop thinking short-term, get your ticket to Rev 3, and join us in creating the future of data science. 

    Don’t miss out on our early bird pricing which ends on August 23. Sign up now, lock in your space, AND save!

    Domino Data Lab

    Domino powers model-driven businesses with its leading Enterprise MLOps platform that accelerates the development and deployment of data science work while increasing collaboration and governance. More than 20 percent of the Fortune 100 count on Domino to help scale data science, turning it into a competitive advantage. Founded in 2013, Domino is backed by Sequoia Capital and other leading investors.

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