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    Join Us: An Introduction to Using k-NN in Production

    September 28, 2016   1 min read

    Join us next Wednesday, October 5 for a webinar hosted by our Chief Data Scientist covering best practices for using k-NN in production.

    The k-Nearest Neighbors (k-NN) algorithm is a popular method for pattern recognition. It is often one of the first algorithms that budding data scientists learn. Despite its popularity and deceptive simplicity, k-NN can be tricky to use with production data.

    Domino’s Chief Data Scientist, Eduardo Ariño de la Rubia, will discuss best practices for implementing k-NN in production during a webinar scheduled for October 5 at 11am PT. You can register here for the live event and if you can’t make it, we’ll send you a link to the recording.

    The talk will cover:

    • Implementations of k-NN in R and Python;
    • Performance characteristics of k-NN in product scenarios;
    • Common pitfalls of using k-NN in production, and how to avoid them.

    We hope to see you next Wednesday, October 5th!

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