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    More Flexibility with Domino's Open Data Science Platform: Visual Studio Code Now Supported

    October 14, 2019   3 min read
    By Chuck Head, Director, Customer Onboarding, Domino on October 14, 2019 in Product Updates

    One of the core principles underpinning Domino is a diehard commitment to openness and flexibility. Our data science platform has been architected to give data scientists the flexibility to work collaboratively and iteratively, without worrying about how to access the tools or infrastructure they need to build the best models. This flexibility has been a driving force behind both the growing user adoption of Domino and the evolution of our product roadmap.

    With this in mind, and based on feedback from customers, we’re pleased to share a recent enhancement to the Domino platform that gives data scientists even more flexibility: VS Code is now supported as a new workspace type within standard environments.

    For customers seeking a true Python IDE where they can support workflows not available in Jupyter notebooks – such as debugging Python code – VS Code is a great option. (Fun fact: “‘standard environments’ and ‘vscode’” was a Top 10 search query within Domino’s customer support site during the month of June.)

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