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, a social media aggregator, is staying ahead of spammers by using Domino to scale, track, organize and share its its machine-learning-based spam classification models.
, a mobile comparative pricing app, is using Domino to dramatically speed up its model calculation and save its data scientists time by automating report generation functionality.

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@sjGoring @DominoDataLab is awesome. Simplifies cloud computing for data analysis. Had jobs automated and running v.quickly. DM me for more


@lc_walsh @DominoDataLab saw the ad for this earlier and signed up. Guess where my next Kaggle entry will be processed?


Seconded: @PlethodoNick @DominoDataLab is fantastic. If you run lengthy or CPU intensive code for your science you should use it.


@DominoDataLab Love the way your service makes using cloud computing easier so users can focus on just doing what they want to do


@DominoDataLab is awesome! Not only is it a great service to run time(CPU)-consuming code but their customer service is wonderful.


Amazing support from @DominoDataLab to help me get the Google Analytics API up and running on their platform. This is going to be fun!!


#DataAnalysis in the #cloud - R, Matlab, Python. Upload files, play MarioKart, come back the results are ready @DominoDataLab @shane_a_lynn


Data analysis with Python, R or Matlab then take a look at @DominoDataLab for running your jobs in the cloud. Great first impressions.


Whoa... impressed! If you do any machine learning or data work, you'll want to check out @dominodatalab


If you tell your girlfriend about @DominoDataLab she's going to do work instead of watching Game of Thrones with you. FYI.


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Accelerate your analysis

Need more info?  |   (415) 570-2425