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A data science book for kids!

Our team at Domino Data Lab has cracked open our crayon box to write and illustrate the world’s first-ever children’s book about data science. Introduce your kids to Florence the Data Scientist and Her Magical Bookmobile!

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This magical little book centers around a curious kiddo named Beatrice. She loves reading, science, dragons and swings.

However, when a mysterious bookmobile drives down her street, Beatrice is intrigued by the individual behind the wheel. The driver, Florence, is a librarian-of-sorts who knows exactly which books will delight each kid in the neighborhood. Beatrice is then forced to decide whether there’s such a thing as “magic” or if this “librarian” knows something the rest of the world doesn’t.

Beatrice spends the day recording and analyzing each of her friends’ responses to Florence’s questions, and discovering and falling in love with the predictive power of data science.

Meet Florence the Data Scientist and Her Magical Bookmobile

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About Domino and the Author

What Do I Tell My Daughter on Career Day?

Hi there! My name is Ryan Kelly and I’m a marketing leader at Domino Data Lab.

I dreamed up this idea of writing the world’s first-ever children’s book about data science at something we call a “hack-a-thon” here at Domino, a week-long event where employees break up into dynamic, nimble teams to dream up big ideas and solve tough problems.

But, to tell you the truth, I didn’t write this children’s book to just encourage the next generation to get passionate about future careers in data science. I wrote it to inspire a passion for problem solving. Because, well, our world is full of problems and our future relies on the passion and willingness of future generations to solve them. I was also tired of trying to describe to my daughter what I did at work...

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Bring home a copy

Sweeten the Story with $5K and a Chromebook!

Complete our companion activity sheet (developed by educators) with your child to put the book’s lessons into action. Submit the completed sheet and be entered for the chance to win a $5,000 529 (tax-advantaged higher education savings plan) contribution, and a brand-new Chromebook laptop!

Please note: the Sweepstakes has completed and is no longer active for submission.

Sweeten the Story with $5K and a Chromebook