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    Data Science Leaders | Episode 35 | 27:12 | January 25, 2022

    Data in the DNA: Breaking Down the Autonomous Enterprise

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    Is your team mining all available data to inform your business strategy and grow revenue? Is your company prepared to compete against others who are?

    If you’re like most, the answer is probably no.

    How can you future-proof your organization and take steps toward an autonomous enterprise?

    Janet George is an enterprise AI leader and author with experience across companies including Oracle, Apple, Accenture, Yahoo!, eBay, and more. She joins the show to discuss the meaning of autonomous enterprise and the process required for true transformation.

    We discuss:

    • What is an autonomous enterprise?
    • Where are companies falling short in their data transformation?
    • The investment and first steps required on the transformation journey
    • How to prioritize data projects for a larger impact on revenue

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