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    Data Science Leaders | Episode 28 | 37:09 | November 16, 2021

    How a Centralized Data Science “Nerve Center” Can Power Global Impact

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    There are many ways to structure a data science function in a global enterprise. But what’s been the winning strategy for global technology distributor Ingram Micro? Creating a data science “nerve center.”

    Centralizing data science talent has helped elevate analytics at Ingram Micro to better solve complex business problems using machine learning and AI.

    In this episode, Tim Suhling, VP Global Business Intelligence at Ingram Micro, explains how it all happened, and what data science leaders everywhere can learn from the transformation. Plus, he shares his perspective on how data science can impact “Customer 360” programs and different approaches to measuring the success of models.

    We discuss:

    • The relationship between data science and business intelligence
    • Embarking on a customer 360 initiative
    • Measuring the effectiveness of data science

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