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    Data Science Leaders | Episode 39 | 38:38 | February 22, 2022

    Elevating Your Team as Strategic Business Partners

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    When your data science team is consistently more reactive than proactive in addressing business challenges, it can be difficult to be seen as strategic partners.

    But by prioritizing building business domain expertise and always asking about the “why” behind any request, you’ll start to build a rapport and change the nature of the relationship.

    In this episode, Indy Mondal, Senior Director of Data Science, AI & Product Insights at DocuSign, explains how to create strong business partnerships to earn data science a critical and strategic seat at the table.

    Plus, he shares his unique perspective on the business impact of models and why self-service tools are essential to delivering value.

    We discuss:

    • How to use data science to inform business strategy
    • Using models to drive efficiency across the organization
    • The role of self-serve tools in data science

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