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    Data Science Leaders | Episode 43 | 31:48 | March 22, 2022

    Giving Back and Building Your Brand as a Data Science Leader

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    Even with the recent rise of specialized data science degree programs, top-notch data science talent can come from anywhere.

    Those in leadership positions have a duty to share their knowledge and support aspiring data scientists, regardless of the unique path that brought them to the field.

    Sidney Madison Prescott, Global Head of Intelligent Automation (RPA, AI, ML) at Spotify, has made a habit of sharing her expertise and giving back. And in the process, she’s built a personal brand that would inspire future leaders in any industry.

    In this episode, Sidney shared her career story, offered advice for building diverse data science teams, and detailed her work in robotic process automation at Spotify.

    We discuss:

    • Sidney’s career journey and her guidance for women and people of color in data science
    • How a strong personal brand can open doors to opportunities in tech
    • Why data science leaders should care about robotic process automation

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