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    Data Science Leaders | Episode 19 | 42:29 | September 14, 2021

    People Analytics: Data Science, Ethics, and Opportunity in HR

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    People analytics—the application of data science and analytics in the world of HR—can provide valuable insights into recruitment, retention, and productivity.

    But when working with people's sensitive demographic, compensation, and performance data, ethical and privacy considerations must come first.

    In this episode, Adam McElhinney, Chief Data Science Officer, VP of Data Insights at Paylocity, explains how his company approaches people analytics, and what all data science leaders can learn from the discipline. Plus, he offers a view into the hiring process Paylocity uses to add top-notch data science talent to its team.

    The conversation covers:

    • People analytics and HR
    • Data science in the hiring process
    • Embedding data science into SaaS platforms

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