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    Data Science Leaders | Episode 25 | 36:19 | October 26, 2021

    How Data Science Teams Are Going Deeper with Proof of Value

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    As business leaders become more educated on the value that machine learning can deliver, the demands on data science teams only become greater. Business stakeholders are now interested in much more than the accuracy of predictive models. They’re asking questions about productionization, scalability, and bottom line ROI.

    In this episode, Nimit Jain, Head of Data Science at Novartis, joins the show to explain how this sea change is transforming how data scientists approach proof of value. Plus, he talks about how companies are adopting responsible AI practices and provides a window into the world of customer experience analytics.

    We discuss:

    • How proof of value has evolved over time
    • The principles of responsible AI
    • Customer experience analytics use cases

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