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    Data Science Leaders | Episode 24 | 25:16 | October 19, 2021

    Why It Pays to Stand Out from the Crowd in Data Science

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    Talent is pouring into data science, even though it always seems like there’s not enough to meet demand. Learning opportunities for people getting into the field have exploded in just the past decade.

    That means standing out from the crowd—both as a leader and as a practitioner—has become more important than ever before.

    In this episode, Bob Bress, Head of Data Science at FreeWheel, explains how professionals at all levels can position themselves to win in a burgeoning market. Plus, he offers advice on how data science leaders can stimulate collaboration and intellectual curiosity within their organizations.

    We discuss:

    • How to stand out from your peers
    • Intellectual curiosity, innovation, and collaboration in large organizations
    • Being the CEO of the data science project you’re working on

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