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    Forrester Total Economic Impact Report

    For scaling enterprise MLOps, Domino delivers.

    Configuring compute resources. Onboarding new data scientists. Building, validating, deploying, and monitoring new models. It’s complicated. And every piece of the MLOps lifecycle has a cost.

    Forrester conducted an in-depth study to measure these costs against the value Domino’s enterprise customers realize for their business. Here’s a look at what they found.

    Domino stands out from the competition

    Domino's biggest fans: Russ Hanneman, Steve Wozniak, George Foreman, and our customers.

    Here’s what real Domino users are saying, plus some added insight from a few...unexpected experts.

    If we hadn’t invested in Domino, first, I wouldn’t have been able to set up a team at all because you can't hire a high-skilled data scientist without providing them with the state of the art working environment.

    Chief Analytics Officer

    If something new comes out, we should be able to take advantage of it, and Domino is fairly unopinionated about what you put in their containers.

    Software Services
    Senior Director of Decision Sciences

    We use predictive models and data science to better understand the needs of our farmer customers. This allows us to offer customized pricing options and enables new business models that share in their financial risk.

    Cloud Analytics Lead

    Without Domino, every country would have invested in many various ways and set up its own local system for model hosting and model implementation, and I wouldn’t have been able to set up the global watchtower of what is done regarding data science worldwide.

    Chief Analytics Officer

    Our use of Domino has had a strong impact on revenues in the millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars in fact.

    Financial Services
    Principal Consultant

    Before Domino, it could take two to three weeks to understand and spin up infrastructure and then start the work. With Domino, that went from weeks to just a click of a button.

    Director of Data Platforms and Privacy


    The Total Economic Impact™ of the
    Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform

    Download the full study for detailed analysis, customer perspectives, and more.

    The Total Economic Impact™ of the Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform is a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Domino Data Lab in March 2021.