You’re investing in data science — get the most out of it. Domino is a central place for the entire research lifecycle, from development to deployment. It makes your organization more productive, accelerates innovation, and makes it easier to integrate data science into business processes to drive impact.

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Powering the research lifecycle

As your teams develop and deploy data science work, they need flexible infrastructure, agility to use new tools, and ways to collaborate. Domino is an integrated platform that provides these core capabilities as data science work moves through its lifecycle. Your sales organization has a CRM, and your recruiting organization has an Applicant Tracking System — Domino is the analogous "system of record" for data science work.

Reduce regulatory and operational risk

Data science done with rigor and discipline can be a true competitive advantage. Done wrong, data science can be a significant risk to your business. Domino codifies best practices by automatically tracking all your experiments - code, data, parameters, environments, and results - so your team never loses work and can always reproduce results.

This limits key man risk and also helps satisfy auditors and regulators who demand to know "how" an automated decision was made. We also streamline thorough code review and controlled promote-to-production processes.

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Get the most out of precious resources

Data scientists are expensive resources, but they often spend more than half of their time managing tools and wrangling infrastructure, rather than adding business value. Domino handles all the plumbing and lets data scientists focus on extracting insights and communicating with the business.

Leverage powerful centralized hardware, centralize communications, easily discover and reproduce past work, and minimize the friction with IT when deploying models.

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