Deploying models with Domino

Focus on data science, not DevOps

Provision compute environments with a single click, in a cloud or on premise. Domino ships with distributions of the most popular data science tools — e.g.,  Jupyter, RStudio, R, Python, or build your own standard environments to share within your organization. Run multiple experiments in parallel across your hardware or elastically in the cloud to iterate faster.

Easy onboarding & reduced key-man risk

Standardized compute environments and a centralized place to work lets new hires be productive on their first day. With work in a central hub instead of spread across machines, team members can quickly pick up and compound on work others left behind, even months later.


Increased transparency into in-flight work

One central interface lets you check progress on work, see the latest results, get a sense of the most active projects, and leave comments or feedback — without interrupting your team or countless email chains. Domino automatically tracks and versions work without slowing down your team.

Publish to business stakeholders faster

Your data science work is only valuable if it impacts the business. With one click, Domino lets data scientists deploy models as APIs, publish interactive dashboards (e.g. Shiny), schedule recurring reports, and more. Your stakeholders will thank you as more dialog drives faster iteration on ideas.

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