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    BioRankings & Domino

    Virtual Biostatistics Core solution for life science companies

    From life sciences start-ups with limited budgets but large biostatistical needs to big pharmaceutical and agricultural companies with niche biostatistics needs like multi-omics, brain connectivity, and IoMT/IoT sensor data, BioRankings Virtual Biostatistics Core helps accelerate your data science initiative for a competitive advantage. Together, the Domino & BioRankings partnership brings state-of-the-art computing, statistical analyses, and software development to support your researchers, data scientists, and business development.

    Enable Self-Service Computing with Enterprise Security and Control

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    The Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform is the most powerful web-based environment for your data scientists, providing self-service access to scalable compute resources. This puts your data scientists at the forefront of analytics computing with their choice of the latest tools, IDEs, and algorithm packages. Domino’s open environment supports commercial software like SAS or MATLAB, as well as open-source code like R or Python. Automated selection of hardware tiers, governed by IT, allocates different computing resources as your data sets grow.

    The Domino environment and BioRankings Virtual Biostatistics Core’s expertise bring you the most powerful statistical software, Statistics/ML/AI algorithms, and the computers needed to run them.

    Add Pipelines in Real Time

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    Domino’s Kubernetes open-source container system lets your data scientists make their modeling portable and reproducible, enabling massive scale for the models across your company.

    Whether you want to test and deploy new open-source tools developed in academia, access existing cloud-based tools like NIH NCBI bioinformatics and KEGG Pathway data, or are using proprietary software solutions such as BioRankings Multi-Omics Platform, the Domino environment delivers these to your entire team quickly, flexibly, and consistently.

    Keep Track of Code & Resource Allocation

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    Domino supports success for life science companies at all stages of the research pipeline. From testing and validation to development and delivery, Domino accelerates the time-to-market for life sciences products. With reproducibility, tracking, and enforcement of best practices throughout research workflows, engagement with downstream third parties (e.g., FDA, investors, other researchers), is expedited through automated documentation of work.

    Domino’s platform serves as a system-of-record for data science. The Domino and BioRankings solution allows detailed tracking at the project level, enabling data scientists with automatic program version control, a record of changes to code, and full reproducibility details on data, software, and infrastructure inputs for research experiment results.

    Track Real-Time Model Performance

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    With Domino tracking model performance, your data science team can easily monitor improvements in speed and accuracy to optimize your software and pipelines. Whether it is the Area Under the Curve for a prediction model, or optimizing BioRankings’ Untargeted Metabolomics Peak Detection software, immediate feedback on performance is provided.

    Faster Data Management & Accessibility

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    Domino data sets and cloud databases increase the liquidity of your data. The accessibility of your data by stakeholders for management, access, analysis, storage, reuse, and repurposing promotes model-driven decision making.

    Whether your IT department has established AWS or other cloud-based databases, or you need BioRankings’ database development expertise, optimization of data structures to feed analysis is an asset to your team and easy to build through Domino.

    Gain Insight from the Virtual Biostatistics Core

    Domino centralizes data science work and infrastructure across the enterprise for collaboratively building, training, deploying, and managing models – faster and more efficiently. BioRankings collaborates with researchers and data science teams to provide biostatistical support and solve data analysis challenges. The Domino – BioRankings Partnership powers the Virtual Biostatistics Core (VBC) that supports life sciences research from the lab to the clinic. Whether you need full data analysis support, help building your pipelines, or niche support for new projects, the BioRankings VBC is a full-service solution provider. Working with the BioRankings VBC you get a team of experienced statisticians and software engineers that leverage the power of Domino to work collaboratively with your team on you biggest life science data challenges.

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    Domino’s growing partner ecosystem helps our customers accelerate the development and delivery of models with key capabilities of infrastructure automation, seamless collaboration, and automated reproducibility. This greatly increases the productivity of data scientists and removes bottlenecks in the data science lifecycle.