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Multi-omics Analytics Platform

BioRankings’ Multi-omics Analysis Platform solution provides researchers with a truly integrative bioinformatics through statistical analysis platform for precision medicine and precision agriculture. Developed for translational research, the BioRankings Multi-omics Analysis Platform enables delivery of accurate and reproducible statistical results, discovery of new insights, accelerated research, and transformation of product development pipelines. BioRankings’ team of statisticians and computer engineers continually work to innovate the best statistical approaches and practices for -omics data, keeping the BioRankings Multi-omics Analysis Platform on the forefront of translational -omics research.

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Domino’s growing partner ecosystem helps our customers accelerate the development and delivery of models with key capabilities of infrastructure automation, seamless collaboration, and automated reproducibility. This greatly increases the productivity of data scientists and removes bottlenecks in the data science lifecycle.

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