MATLAB on Domino

MATLAB® on Domino

Accelerate model development with MATLAB running on the Domino Data Science Platform.
Bring lifecycle management and scalable compute access to the world's most popular engineering and scientific research language.

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Accelerate Model Development with MATLAB

By taking MATLAB off the desktop and onto cloud or on-prem resources, engineers and scientists can speed training by using powerful GPUs, large memory machines, or you can even run MATLAB jobs side by side.

We accelerated our model training and reduced development time from 80 hours down to 2 using a hardware tier with 8 GPUs.

― Lockheed Martin

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Gain Visibility Across the Data Science Lifecycle

MATLAB, applied in many industries, offers domain-specific modeling alongside powerful AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning. Now natively supported in Domino, MATLAB on Domino enables data science practitioners and teams to manage the full model development lifecycle—unfettered by desktops with access to a range of compute resources that includes GPUs.

Unify administration and oversight by centrally managing MATLAB for the entire organization. Learn more.

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Access Different Versions of MATLAB on the Domino Workbench

Simplify testing and validation, and streamline code updates to leverage the newest features of MATLAB. Build a project and verify code using multiple versions of MATLAB. Compare results, performance and validate against regulatory requirements – all without slowing down research or model usage in the field.

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Optimize IT Costs

Engineers and scientists need the best tools for the job, but with deep learning, one workstation quickly exceeds $10,000. Worse, it can only be used during work hours with much of that time dedicated to emails, web browsing and productivity tasks.

With MATLAB on Domino, users get greater compute power running on powerful, on-demand shared resources in the data center or in the cloud. Those resources are consumed only when needed and then reclaimed automatically.

Using MATLAB on Domino, IT organizations greatly reduce their support costs. How? A Domino/MATLAB admin can create globally shared environments across all users. Configure once for multiple data scientists.

Even better, deploy updates to everyone at once. Finally, accessing MATLAB in the cloud on Domino means greater control over compute usage and costs—only pay for the compute that teams use. Eliminate the need for purchasing expensive and underutilized desktops.

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