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    Unleash Data Science across Hybrid and Multi-cloud

    Loved by data scientists, trusted by IT

    Accelerate your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy with a unified data science platform, with Domino's enterprise MLOps platform virtualized on VMware vSphere. Support data scientist collaboration and innovation with IT governance in familiar enterprise infrastructure. 

    Tailoring Kubernetes for Data Scientists

    Kubernetes is a foundational for tool agility, faster iterations, and reproducibility within a data science platform. But data scientists shouldn't have to be infrastructure experts to realize its promise.

    Domino's Enterprise MLOps Platform works together with VMware vSphere infrastructure products to boost productivity without compromising on usability, security or performance.

    And IT is happy too: vSphere allows DevOps  teams to manage, secure and control data center infrastructure lifecycle with their preferred hypervisor - paired with their preferred Kubernetes distribution, including VMware Tanzu, Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher or Robin.IO.  

    Data Science-focused User Interface

    Data scientists benefit from an intuitive user interface enabling Kuberenets-powered on-demand computing power, no prior engineering or DevOps experience required.

    Environment Management

    Implement software engineering practices, source control management and achieve model reproducibility by allowing data scientists to create, update, and manage compute environment container images. Roll out programming languages, tools and source code libraries once, across the whole organization. Make configuration conflicts, painful and expensive upgrade cycles - across software and hardware - a thing of the past.

    Data Access Controls and User Management

    Get the granular controls you need in order to provide the right people the right amount of data: Connect data repositories, databases and cloud file systems while controlling access with true user isolation.

    Resource Scheduling and Controls

    Balance governed access to scalable compute resources, including support for complex, multi-pod, GPU-enabled workloads, and simplify the setup and execution of batch and scheduled jobs

    Is Kubernetes the Foundation for Enterprise MLOps?

    In this on-demand panel, innovators from NVIDIA and VMware discuss the history of Kubernetes and it's rising prominence in GPU-accelerated data science.

    Featuring Craig McLuckie (K8s Co-founder & VP of R&D at VMware), Chris Lamb (VP, CUDA, DGX & Cloud Computing at NVIDIA), and Chris Yang (Domino CTO).

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