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    Unleash Data Science with Infrastructure Virtualization

    Focus data scientists on unlocking insights with democratized infrastructure.

    With Domino Data Lab and VMware Tanzu, code-first data science teams can accelerate research, increase collaboration, and deploy an optimized multi-cloud infrastructure - all aimed at building intelligent applications that drive enterprise value. 

    Tailoring Kubernetes for Data Scientists

    While Kubernetes is foundational for tool agility, faster iterations, and reproducibility within a data science platform, data scientists shouldn't have to be Kubernetes experts to realize its promise.

    Domino's Enterprise MLOps Platform works together with VMware Tanzu products to focus data scientists on unlocking insights instead of DevOps.

    Usable Interface for Data Scientists

    Abstract Kubernetes concepts for Data scientists without an engineering or DevOps background with an intuitive interface.

    Environment Management

    Achieve reproducibility by allowing data scientists to create, update, and manage environment image containers for scalable, shareable data science workspaces.

    Integrated User Management

    Provide true user isolation for co-located workloads to manage sensitive information (e.g., access credentials for data connections).

    Resource Scheduling and Controls

    Balance governed access to scalable compute resources, including support for complex, multi-pod workloads.

    Is Kubernetes the Foundation for Enterprise MLOps?

    In this on-demand panel, innovators from NVIDIA and VMware discuss the history of Kubernetes and it's rising prominence in GPU-accelerated data science.

    Featuring Craig McLuckie (K8s Co-founder & VP of R&D at VMware), Chris Lamb (VP, CUDA, DGX & Cloud Computing at NVIDIA), and Chris Yang (Domino CTO).

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