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    What’s New with Domino 4.4:
    Powerful Productivity Accelerators

    Check out our two product tours to learn more about our new workspace experience. Explore Durable Workspaces and CodeSync in our next-generation data science workbench where everything data scientists need is a few clicks away.

    Durable Workspaces

    Durable Workspaces release data scientists from the confines of a single workspace where they must do their work, commit the results, and close the workspace before moving on to the next task. Durable Workspaces allow multiple development environments to run at the same time, with data and other artifacts that persist across sessions. Users maximize productivity, eliminate lost work, and save infrastructure costs by stopping, editing, and resuming workspaces as needed.


    CodeSync is the latest innovation that allows data scientists to work seamlessly with the modern IT stacks used across their business. It enhances Domino’s market-leading reproducibility capabilities to provide native integration with widely used Git repositories (e.g. GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket). CodeSync helps data scientists save, find, and reproduce work, and engage in version-controlled, code-based collaboration with other team members.

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