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Accelerate Collaborative Research and Development

Domino’s data science workbench provides the flexibility and power that data scientists need to accelerate research and make breakthroughs that deliver real business impact. They can use the tools they want, on hardware optimized for the task at hand, in a governed and scalable environment that fosters reproducibility, reusability, and collaboration.

Domino Data Science Workbench

Use the Tools You Want with Self-Serve Access to Scalable Compute

Domino Data Science Workbench

Run Computationally Intensive Experiments Simultaneously

  • Elastically scale compute resources, including CPU, GPU, and Spark clusters, on-demand without DevOps
  • Run hundreds of experiments in parallel, and easily compare the results
  • Iterate and collaborate on projects to expedite research breakthroughs
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Domino Data Science Workbench

Automatically Track All Work and Progress Over Time

  • Easily find and reproduce past results, with tracked code, data, tools, packages, and compute environments
  • No more concerns over inconsistent versions and changes to the underlying data
  • Link your Domino project to a Jira ticket, and synchronize project status
  • Gain the freedom to collaborate, while establishing powerful governance capabilities
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We’re streamlining the development and deployment of deep learning models to mitigate supply chain risk, analyze manufacturing defects, predict maintenance needs, and more. Domino makes it easy for our data scientists to rapidly access NVIDIA GPUs so we can support complex use cases like training deep neural networks.

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson

Lead Data Scientist

Lockheed Martin

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