Enabling Open Source Tools Using Domino

December 16 11am PT | 2pm ET

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The pace of innovation in open source data science tools such as R, Python, and Apache Spark, continues to accelerate. Yet, IT acts as a gatekeeper as more tools often equal more risk.

Domino reduces the IT burden and unleashes data science teams with open environment management and language-agnostic collaboration in one place. With Domino, data scientists can use their preferred open source and proprietary tools such as RStudio, Jupyter Notebooks, Spark, or SAS.

In this webinar, Tim Hughes will demonstrate how data scientists using the Domino platform can:

  • Collaborate around the development of predictive models using any open source statistical language.
  • Rapidly deploy models into production, ensuring that they run against the same underlying packages, versions, and configuration as they were during development.
  • Easily ensure that all work is saved and versioned automatically, including code, data, parameters, results, and discussions.