COVID-19 Resources for Data Scientists

Here are some blogs compiling data science resources surrounding the novel coronavirus and how it’s impacting business operations here at Domino. Read more from our corporate blog.

Data Science launched a global fight against COVID-19

David Bloch | April 21, 2020

Domino Is Hiring

Thomas Robinson | April 16, 2020

A Mindset Shift: From Selling to Supporting

Natalie McCullough | April 07, 2020

A Unique Country-to-Country COVID-19 Comparison

Josh Poduska | March 19, 2020

How data scientists can make the most of enforced work-from-home policies

David Bloch | March 17, 2020

A Note to Customers: Domino Business Continuity in Light of COVID-19

David Cole | March 13, 2020

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