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    Domino vs. Databricks for Enterprise MLOps

    Product Comparison Guide

    You manage a team of professional data scientists. Your team’s mission is clear:

    • Take on complex and demanding use cases.
    • Deliver actionable results. And do it faster.
    • Provide measurable value to the business.

    Delivering on this mission requires a platform optimized for Enterprise MLOps. But your IT leadership wants you to consider Databricks – a platform designed for data engineering in the cloud. As they see it, if Databricks can meet the needs of your data science professionals, your company can solve two needs with one platform.

    But will Databricks meet your needs?

    Download this Product Comparison Guide to understand the key similarities and differences between Domino and Databricks so you can make an informed decision for your professional data science team.

    The paid platform we used briefly—a unified data analytics platform—was too reliant on Apache Spark™ and couldn’t provide the support, security, or flexibility our data engineers, data scientists, and ML engineers needed.”
    — Biz Phillips, a senior health data scientist at Evidation


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