Kubernetes: The IT Standard for Data Science Workloads


Overview of Kubernetes in enterprise data science

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system that is becoming essential to IT departments as they move towards containerized applications and microservices. As powerful as Kubernetes is with general IT workloads, Kubernetes also offers unique advantages to support bursty data science workloads.

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  • Learn how Kubernetes is becoming the platform infrastructure layer for the cloud.
  • Explore the requirements for tailoring Kubernetes for data science.
  • Understand the common concerns around Kubernetes.

If you are a data scientist who is interested in learning more about this powerful container orchestration technology, download this paper to discover why Kubernetes is a great fit for data science workloads. You’ll also learn how you can make your modeling portable, reproducible, and massively scalable.

This paper represents the architectural and technical trends, as well as best practices that Domino has learned from working on Kubernetes implementations with data science and IT teams at Fortune 500 companies.

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