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    The chance for IT to lead in SaaS? Big data? Hadoop? Those ships have already left the port. But for enterprise data science, the time is now. CIOs have a unique opportunity to take the reins, but you need to start educating yourself right now.

    During this fireside chat, we talked with executives in IT and Analytics who shared first-hand experiences centralizing Data Science – whether those efforts focused on people, process, and/or technology. They talked about their “before” state, where communication was lacking or processes were bottlenecked, and the steps they took to drive consensus around a shared Data Science strategy. We discussed wins they’ve seen so far on the journey, and concluded with live attendee Q&A.


    • John Brunn, Chief Information Security Officer, Domino Data Lab (moderator)
    • Glenn Hofmann, Chief Analytics Officer, NY Life
    • Siva Balu, CIO, YMCA of the USA