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    Model Monitoring Best Practices


    Lessons from the field on model monitoring best practices

    A growing number of decisions and critical business processes rely on models produced with machine learning and other statistical techniques.

    For a variety of reasons, the inputs and outputs from these models can “drift” over time, and produce unexpected behavior and a decrease in predictive accuracy. Unfortunately, this drift often goes unrecognized because of inadequate tools or internal processes, leading to severe financial loss or a degraded customer experience.

    Download this paper today to learn:

    • The types of data drift that impact machine learning models;
    • How to identify models that are degrading;
    • Five best practices for monitoring models in production; and
    • Recommended next steps for correcting model drift.

    This paper represents best practices Domino has learned from 5+ years of working with data science leaders at companies such as Allstate, Bayer, Dell and Moody’s Analytics.

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