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    Navigating the Life Sciences Journey to a Modern Statistical Computing Environment


    Many life sciences and pharmaceutical companies are on a digital transformation journey, largely impacting the priorities and day-today work of their research and data science teams. Domino Data Lab has partnered with several of these organizations to help them work through common challenges and apply best practices. This paper summarizes key learnings and shares our unique perspective, which may benefit organizations on their own digital transformation journey.

    This paper will:

    1. Break down the concept of “digital transformation” that’s affecting every life sciences business today, define what that means in terms of concrete deliverables and milestones, and discuss its potential impacts based on our experience working with global life sciences firms.

    2. Discuss the challenges that life sciences companies face as it relates to the digital transformation of their research organizations.

    3. Outline how successful life sciences organizations are solving those challenges.

    4. Share Domino’s perspective and explain how its data science platform is purpose-built to help.

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