NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software Solution


Domino and NVIDIA® together make NVIDIA GPU resources available on the NVIDIA certified Domino enterprise data science platform.

Customers can access a workflow that makes it easy to leverage powerful NVIDIA advanced graphics processing units (GPUs) as they build models for AI and machine learning (ML) solutions on NVIDIA DGX™ systems from their Domino workbench.

Learn more about how to centralize and standardize data science efforts across the enterprise in a future-proof data science platform.

Domino makes data science at scale a reality:

  • Integrated solution
  • Challenges to scaling data science
  • Domino simplifies access to all data science compute, tools and work
  • Access DGX system resources from the workbench to production
  • Build models in a system of record
  • Collaborate at scale
  • Deliver organizational value
  • An enterprise standard in AI systems

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