Top Data Science Articles


Advanced Jupyter Notebook Tricks — Part I

Jupyter notebooks are great for experimenting with new ideas or data sets...

Building Interactive Dashboards with Jupyter

This is Part II of "Advanced Jupyter Notebook Tricks."

Geographic visualization with R's ggmap

Have you ever crunched some numbers on data that involved spatial locations? If the answer is no, then you are missing out!

Data Scientist? Programmer? Are They Mutually Exclusive?

Highlights of Hadley Wickham’s ACM Chicago talk, “You Can’t Do Data Science in a GUI”.

Reproducible Dashboards and Other Great Things to do with Jupyter

Mac Rogers, Research Engineer at Domino, presented best practices for creating Jupyter dashboards.

Become a Full Stack Data Science Company

Hoda Eydgahi is a Data Science Manager at Stitch Fix and a Scout for Sequoia Capital.

Stakeholder-Driven Data Science at Warby Parker

Max Shron, the head of data science at Warby Parker, delivered a presentation on stakeholder-driven data science.

Multicore Data Science with R and Python

An excerpt from the full video on Multicore Data Science in R and Python. Watch the full video to learn how to leverage...

Recommender Systems through Collaborative Filtering

This is a technical deep dive of the collaborative filtering algorithm and how to use it in practice.

Easy parallel loops in Python, R, Matlab and Octave

The Domino data science platform makes it trivial to run your analysis in the cloud on very powerful hardware...

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