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    Visual Target Recognition from Raw Data to NVIDIA Jetson with MATLAB and Domino


    Organizations looking to bring AI-driven capabilities to products often find out that the journey is fraught with challenges. Common hurdles include the need to invest in hardware and cloud capacity, algorithm complexity and explainability, the need for collaboration tools, and lack of a clear path to hardware deployment. Abhijit Bhattacharjee will walk through an end-to-end workflow powered by MathWorks, Domino Data Lab, and NVIDIA. Our goal will be to produce a working visual target recognition model, helping devices ‘understand’ their environment through computer vision. The demo will showcase how to:

    • Use MATLAB-based data acquisition and label automation tools.
    • Consume data collected in Domino.
    • Use Domino’s easy GPU access capability.
    • Train the deep learning model in MATLAB.
    • Download the model and generate NVIDIA CUDA code in MATLAB for direct deployment on Jetson.

    Speaker: Abhijit Bhattacharjee - Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks