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    Security and Domino

    Data Scientists Need Access to Your Data. No One Else Does.

    To support enterprise-scale data science, security has to be integral to every aspect of the work. No data leaks or improper access. Tools used by data scientists tested before use. Secure infrastructure.

    But, your data scientists need their environment to be flexible and agile, which unfortunately can lead to your data science activities resembling the wild west. Not surprisingly this often puts IT and data science at odds.

    With Domino, it doesn’t have to be that way. With our best in class, Enterprise MLOps platform you get both.

    End-to-End Security of Data Science

    Domino secures your data science ecosystem, eliminating gaps between disparate tools. You don’t sacrifice speed and scale for security. The Domino Enterprise MLOps platform offers:

    • Security and control through credential propagation for integrated access controls across tools, IDEs, Domino APIs, and third-party services
    • Secure collaboration between data scientists keeping valuable IP secure.
    • Projects running in self-contained environments to keep user code and data secure.
    • Central provisioning of tools and IDEs to all users, allowing for testing before deployment.
    • Automated compliance and audit activities with full reproducibility of projects.

    Designed with a Security Foundation

    Domino is proactively designed to support the stringent security needs of the most complex organizations, across industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, and government. Domino is built with:

    • A hardened, cloud-native Kubernetes based solution provides developers with the access and freedom they require while minimizing your threat surface
    • Seamless integration with your identity infrastructure using existing LDAP or SSO.
    • Data encrypted at rest and in transit using industry-standard TLS 1.2 and AES-256
    • Continual audit and activity logging, including user access and security-related actions. Logs are available for integration with SIEM or other security tooling.

    Built Securely from the Ground Up

    Attackers don’t rest. Neither do we. We put security top of mind during development:

    • Domino application and infrastructure is continuously monitored for evolving and emerging threats.
    • Security tooling and testing is baked into the entire software development lifecycle, including third-party penetration testing.
    • Rigorous developer training ensures compliance with development best practices.
    • Domino is SOC2 certified, and a copy of our report is available upon request
    Data Science Security | Domino Data Lab

    Vulnerability Reporting

    Domino takes platform security seriously and we proactively test our software to find and fix security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. If you find a security vulnerability, please email us with details. If you are a customer and assistance with your platform, please contact Domino support.