Domino is a platform that enables quantitative researchers and finance data scientists to manage research, run more experiments, and build institutional knowledge. Our asset management and hedge fund customers report running 5-10x more experiments with Domino.

Automatically centralize critical research making it faster and easier to store, retrieve, track, and share.

Test ideas faster by running computationally intensive experiments in parallel on powerful hardware.

Enhance institutional memory and knowledge with collaboration, shared context, and saved research.

Accelerate model development and stop “re-inventing the wheel” with version control and branching.

Stay compliant with the ability to provide transparency to financial regulators and investors.

Onboard analysts faster with instant access to in-progress data science work and past research.

Maintain continuity when analysts leave with all work saved and accessible to the team.

Modify software and packages without IT bottlenecks or risk of breaking other work.

"Domino let us launch quickly, we didn’t have to worry about any of the backend engineering."

- Tyler Hunt, Data Scientist at Snap Finance

We Understand Finance and Asset Management

Domino was started by three veterans of the finance industry to empower data scientists and analysts.

Matthew Granade

Matthew Granade Matthew was Co-Head of Research at Bridgewater Associates, the department that develops new economic models and produces daily trading signals. He has a BA and MBA from Harvard.

Chris Yang

Chris Yang Chris was a senior engineer at Bridgewater Associates, where he designed and built key pieces of Bridgewater’s research platform related to data storage and model development. He has an SB and MEng in computer science from MIT.

Nick Elprin

Nick Elprin Nick managed an engineering team at Bridgewater Associates that designed, developed, and delivered Bridgewater’s next-generation research platform. He has a BA and MS from Harvard in computer science.

Two Deployment Options

On the cloud

Domino Cloud keeps data encrypted at rest and in transit everywhere in the platform.

On premise

Domino On-Premises keeps data behind your firewall—it never leaves your network.

Resources for Finance and Asset Management Companies