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    Detection and Prevention of Cyber, Fraud, and Financial Crimes

    Stop crime at the door

    The threat landscape evolves quickly and financial institutions need to be proactive to stay one step ahead.  Models that quickly adapt to changing schemes are a key component.  That's why the world’s largest financial services institutions are focusing on creating high-performing models at scale for all their fraud detection and prevention activities.

    They look to Domino's Enterprise MLOps to give them the capability to create, deploy, monitor, and refresh models at scale for:

    • Identity and payments fraud 
    • Anti-money laundering
    • Cyber security detection and prevention
    • Enhanced due diligence
    • Trader surveillance


    Why Domino for cyber, fraud, and financial crimes

    The Domino Enterprise MLOps Platform helps financial institutions achieve high model velocity so they can detect and prevent cyber, fraud, and money laundering schemes and model emerging threats and nefarious actors.

    Case Study

    Driving Customer Value and Efficiency by Transforming Model Development and Deployment

    Learn how a 6X reduction in the time to move models into production enables Moody’s Analytics to get information into the hands of clients faster.

    Read the case study

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