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    Domino for Model Risk Management and Governance; Controls and Audit Processes

    Identify, test, and manage risk

    Managing risk, governance, and audit compliance requires a robust platform that captures all aspects of your modeling portfolio, making it easy to inventory and document models and streamline reporting for audit and regulatory reviews. 

    Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform helps quants, analysts and data scientists at the world’s largest insurers manage risk across use cases including:


    • Credit risk
    • Capital planning
    • Actuarial 
    • Underwriting
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Cyber risk and remediation
    • Data loss and protection

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    faster onboarding

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    reduction in audit response effort

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    reduction in effort to recreate lost work

    Why Domino for model risk management and governance

    The Domino Enterprise MLOps platform streamlines the work of managing risk, governance, controls, and audit processes at leading insurers worldwide.

    Case Study

    Pushing the innovation pedal in a conservative industry

    Learn how Allstate is able to quickly innovate while strengthening governance and regulatory compliance.  

    Read the case study

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    Anju Gupta, VP Data Science & Analytics at Northwestern Mutual, is a big believer in establishing model governance practices early, and she shares her thoughts on the topic in the episode. Plus, she talks about some surprising roles on her data science team and the unique value that comes from pairing actuaries with data scientists.

    Catalyzing your transformation, thanks to early model risk governance

    Sebastien Conort from BNP Paribas Cardif shared his experience with Model Risk Governance at Rev2.  He shared details about the new form of model risk governance that was needed to deal with new types of AI/ML models, the volume of models in production, and the spread of new users across the company.  

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