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    Monetization and Productization of Data, Insights and Models

    Create new insights, products, and services

    Data is the heart of insurance and it holds the potential to identify and create new products and services.  The key is having a data science team that can quickly and effectively collaborate to innovate and experiment, then quickly productize promising data, models, and processes.

    Domino’s Enterprise MLOps platform makes it easy for the world’s largest insurers to gain deeper insights and quickly monetize data, models, and processes to create:

    • New digital products
    • New marketplaces
    • New customer segments
    • Cross/upsell improvements
    • Model and data marketplaces


    Why Domino for monetization and productization of data, insights, and models

    The Domino Enterprise MLOps platform fosters collaboration and innovation within data science teams, making it easy to gain deeper insights and quickly monetize data, models, and processes.

    Case Study

    Pushing the Pedal in a Conservative Industry

    Learn how Allstate is able to quickly innovate while strengthening governance and regulatory compliance.  

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    Recommended resources

    Data Science at and Admiral Group Europe Group Europe is using machine learning to transform everything from how they price products for customers to how quickly they process claims.  With Domino they have been able to deliver €2 Million in incremental annual profit from model-driven insurance product recommendations alone.

    Case study
    Giving Homeowners Answers About Insurance Coverage in Seconds

    Topdanmark, a large European insurance company, is infusing data science across its operations to provide consumers with a better, faster insurance experience.

    The company's model-driven workflows, built and deployed on the Domino Enterprise MLOps platform, have automated 65 percent of cases for approving new coverage and processing claims. Customers can now learn whether they have coverage in one to two seconds versus four days.

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