Domino helps data scientists at internet companies develop, share, and productionize models—such as recommendation engines or spam classification. It runs securely in the cloud or on-premises.

Test ideas faster by running computationally intensive experiments in parallel on powerful hardware.

Facilitate collaboration and shared context to speed up idea generation.

Accelerate model development and stop “re-inventing the wheel” with version control and branching.

Productionize models as REST APIs and update models on the fly without development work.

Never lose or overwrite work with 100% reproducibility and rollbacks.

Modify software and packages without IT bottlenecks or risk of breaking other work.

Trusted by data scientists at

8tracks MashableFonecta Eventbrite

“Domino makes our data science team more empowered and autonomous, so they can develop better models, faster.”

Rémi Gabillet, CTO at 8Tracks

Two Deployment Options

On the cloud

Domino Cloud keeps data encrypted at rest and in transit everywhere in the platform.

On premise

Domino On-Premises keeps data behind your firewall—it never leaves your network.

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