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    Domino for
    Preclinical Research

    Accelerate Research and Innovation

    Driving R&D Breakthroughs 

    Advanced algorithmic techniques will unlock and accelerate the discovery of next-generation medical research, drug development, and patient care. These innovations will require massive computational power, structure-controlled clinical trial processes, and tight collaboration to build on previous work. Is your R&D infrastructure up to the task?

    The Domino Enterprise MLOps platform combines on-demand access to powerful infrastructure and modern data science tools and techniques, with unique collaboration and governance capabilities, to unlock life-changing medical breakthroughs.

    Some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies use Domino to:

    • Process massive volumes of data to identify symptoms in patients that can lead to chronic and infectious diseases.
    • Determine the root cause of a disease so the right patients can get the right treatment, at the right time.
    • Use deep learning and other advanced AI and ML techniques to predict patient response to therapy.

    Why Domino for preclinical research

    Domino provides the highly scalable R&D infrastructure and tool flexibility you need to take advantage of modern data science and statistical techniques.

    Case Study

    Delivering Precision Medicine with 10X Faster Development of Deep Learning Models

    Learn how Janssen built a unified framework for deep learning and distributed training, using the Domino platform to provide data scientists with self-service infrastructure access to diverse tools, languages, data sets, and scalable compute resulting in 10x faster model training.

    Read the Janssen case study

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