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    Domino for
    Clinical Development

    Accelerate the discovery and delivery of novel medicines and vaccines

    Driving Digital Transformation 

    Domino is a modern, flexible, and extensible Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) that offers language, IDE, and workflow flexibility and tracking – with full traceability and reproducibility.

    The platform includes a robust data-sharing framework for more efficient delivery of statistical analyses for clinical submissions and other post-hoc analyses and AI/ML workloads.

    Data scientists and statistical programmers at some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies use Domino to:

    • Expedite quality clinical submissions by embedding evidence of QC, traceability, and reproducibility into the workflow.
    • Simplify the unblinding process.
    • Quickly respond to post-hoc analysis requests.
    • Easily develop models and recommendations by combining clinical data with data from external sources, such as biomarker data, genomics data, etc.

    Why Domino for Clinical Development

    Domino makes optimal use of cloud-native technologies to orchestrate the control and governance required for GxP while maintaining the flexibility critical to driving innovation. It allows R&D organizations to unleash the power of data science and advanced analytics across all stages of R&D.

    Case Study

    Testing Thousands of Hypotheses with an FDA-Qualified Research Platform

    A global biopharmaceutical leader has implemented an FDA-qualified system of record on the Domino platform to streamline its entire research and development pipeline—from drug discovery to laboratory automation to customer analytics—ultimately paving the way toward faster medical advances.

    Read the case study
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    Embracing Flexibility and Innovation to Modernize Clinical Trial Analytics and Reporting

    Join Eileen Ching, Director of Clinical Programming, Research & Development at GSK, and Caroline Phares, Head of Health and Life Sciences at Domino Data Lab, as they reflect on the challenges, lessons learned, and unexpected delights along this journey of digital transformation and modernization of the GSK statistical computing environment (SCE).

    Watch the Webinar

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