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    Solutions Model Risk Management

    Innovation in data science and modeling has outpaced existing risk management systems. The set of tools, complexity of models, and number of stakeholders are all increasing—and results are used across more parts of the business. The potential is huge, but the downside could be devastating.

    Projects in the Domino platform

    A single system for all your models

    Documentation, code, and model inventories inevitably get out of sync when spread across systems. Regulations like CCAR and SR 11-7 require a holistic approach to model risk management that spans development and usage. Domino tracks the provenance of a model from idea to impact, showing who worked on it, what they did, how they deployed it, and how it is used in production.


    Effectively challenge, don't just gather documents

    Model validation teams spend the vast majority of their time gathering documents to piece together how a model was built and performs. Domino's Reproducibility Engine keeps track of all activity and discussion functionality centralizes conversations previously buried in thousands of emails.

    Compare runs

    Compare results and test assumptions

    Domino allows validators to easily re-run experiments with different parameters and compare results to conduct sensitivity and stress tests. Our environment management ensures old results can still be reproduced, even if tools and developers have changed in the interim.