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    Data scientists help pharmaceutical companies do everything from designing better trials to supporting patients more effectively. Domino enables data scientists to run more experiments, collaborate effectively, and comply with reproducibility regulations.

    Facilitate collaboration of distributed teams, contract research organizations, or academic collaborators.

    Test ideas faster by running computationally intensive experiments in parallel on powerful hardware.

    Accelerate model development and stop “re-inventing the wheel” with version control and branching.

    Never lose work with all projects centrally saved, searchable, and reproducible.


    Ease compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 with automatic saving of all versions of data sets and models.

    Design better trials with predictive analytics for patient selection, interaction analysis, and risk identification.

    Modify software and packages without IT bottlenecks or risk of breaking other work.

    Build institutional knowledge with all research available for review, saved discussions, and true collaboration.


    Benefits of a Data Science Platform for Pharmaceutical Companies

    Ensure regulatory compliance

    All work is saved with 100% reproducibility of experiments and results.


    Reuse work

    Data and environments are saved along with code and results, letting you understand and improve upon existing work, even years later.


    Better ideas through collaboration

    Comments and discussions are saved with the project to facilitate collaboration and improve idea generation.


    Individuals are free to choose tools

    Tools and versions of software are made available while Domino saves everything needed to reproduce results.


    Two Deployment Options

    Domino Cloud keeps data encrypted at rest and in transit everywhere in the platform.

    Domino On-Premises keeps data behind your firewall—it never leaves your network.


    Unleash data science

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