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    Meet Rainier

    Rainier joined Domino in 2018 after graduating from UT Austin. He works in our “lab team” building tools for data scientists to research and develop models.

    Roles at Domino

    Software Engineer

    As a software engineer there’s no better place to start your career than a startup. With teams small enough to allow you to make meaningful impact and a large enough to provide you mentorship and development opportunities, Domino is a great fit. Software Engineers at Domino focus on tackling full-stack software engineering challenge across our distributed compute infrastructure, data science workbench, and model publishing platform.

    Field Engineer

    As a Field Engineer, you’ll be on the front line upholding Domino’s core value of Customer Devotion. You’ll work with the most sophisticated enterprises to make data science a competitive advantage for their organization. Day to day, you’ll work with data scientists, data engineers, and IT engineers to consult on the best uses for Domino, make technical connections to data sources or model publishing, and conduct onboarding and training. Ultimately, your goal is to help data science teams succeed.

    Site Reliability Engineer

    Thousands of data science training workloads run on Domino’s core infrastructure each day. Our deployments across Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and bare-metal environments represent a unique challenge. As we move our infrastructure to Kubernetes-managed multi-cloud, there's a huge opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the future of site reliability engineering.

    Meet Our 2019 Incoming Class

    Saahil Dhulla

    Software Engineer
    UT Austin

    Noah Jackson

    Software Engineer

    Vivek Calambur

    Software Engineer

    Abhijeet Mugund

    Software Engineer

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