Accelerate your analysis

Domino makes data scientists more productive and facilitates collaborative, reproducible, reusable analysis.

Runs on premise or in the cloud.


Trusted by data scientists at

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“With Domino, we do analysis faster, which means we have insights faster, which means our products get better faster.”

Learn how Tesla Motors uses Domino, from Forrester's May 2015 webinar on Systems of Insight

Secure & Compliant

Built to handle sensitive data. Trusted by insurance, finance, and other enterprises.

Domino Cloud keeps data encrypted at rest and in transit everywhere in the platform.

Domino On-Premise keeps data behind your firewall—it never leaves your network.

Get Insights Faster

Move long-running compute tasks onto massive hardware with a click.

Run multiple analyses in parallel to get comparable results.

Automatically track experiments to compare results and monitor progress.

Powerful & Scalable Infrastructure without IT

Scale your analysis without engineering support.

Give data science teams virtually unlimited compute resources with no infrastructure to maintain or set up.

Turnkey computing environments for scaling long-running jobs or deploying real-time predictive models.

Modify software and packages without IT bottlenecks.

Reproduce & Audit Past Results

All revisions, code, data, parameters, and results are saved automatically.

Easily reproduce past results.

Meet regulatory requirements for auditing or explaining results.

Explore new scenarios and models without losing work.

Empower Non-Technical Users, Eliminate Distractions

Let business users get answers quickly without interrupting data science teams.

Build self-service web forms so non-technical stakeholders can re-run models and reports.

Schedule recurring runs and choose who receives results by email.

Share analysis results with custom email reports or a link.

Integrate Predictive Models into Real-Time Applications

Publish Python and R code as REST APIs for easy integration with production apps.

Deploy updates with a click, schedule recurring training runs, and maintain version history.

Let data scientists improve their models without depending on software engineers.

Unlock Insights Through Collaboration

Domino acts as a central hub for data science teams.

See past projects and revisions to keep teams in sync and onboard new data scientists faster.

Commenting on experiments and results lets teams document the questions and ideas that drove analysis.

Accelerate your analysis

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