Accelerate your analysis

Domino makes data scientists more productive and facilitates collaborative, reproducible, reusable analysis.


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“With Domino, we do analysis faster, which means we have insights faster, which means our products get better faster.”

Learn how Tesla Motors uses Domino, from Forrester's May 2015 webinar on Systems of Insight

Iterate faster

Domino makes it easy to parallelize, reproduce, and share your analytical experiments — so you produce results quicker.

Run multiple analyses in parallel — Domino automatically tracks each one, keeping a record of your code, data, and results.

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Turn analyses into self-service web forms that non-technical stakeholders can use to re-run your model or re-generate reports whenever they want.

Domino hosts models centrally and makes results available through the web, or email notifications, helping data scientists stay focused on their analysis.

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Productionize faster

Deploy your R or Python code as REST APIs with one click. Integrate your predictive models with other software systems and deploy changes without any IT/Engineering involvement.

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Scale up, quickly & securely

Behind your firewall or in our managed cloud environment, Domino lets you change your hardware with one click and fire off as many parallel analyses as you want.

Domino handles all the plumbing to start and stop machines, transfer files, and snapshot results — all using modern security best practices.

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Accelerate your analysis

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