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    About Us

    Domino is the Enterprise MLOps platform trusted by over 20% of the Fortune 100. Our products enable thousands of data scientists to develop better medicines, grow more productive crops, adapt risk models to major economic shifts, build better cars, improve customer support, or simply recommend the best purchase to make at the right time.

    At Domino, our mission is to unleash the power of data science to address the world’s most important challenges.

    Leadership Team

    Nick Elprin

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Nick is the CEO and co-founder of Domino Data Lab, provider of the Enterprise MLOps platform for model-driven enterprises such as Allstate, Bristol Myers Squibb, Red Hat, and Lockheed Martin.

    Before starting Domino, Nick built tools for quantitative researchers at Bridgewater, one of the world’s largest hedge funds. He has over a decade of experience working with data scientists at advanced enterprises. He holds a BA and MS in computer science from Harvard.

    Chris Yang

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Chris is the CTO and co-founder of Domino Data Lab. His focus is on exploring and delivering innovative product ideas that can accelerate our customers' delivery of ML models.

    Before founding Domino, Chris worked at Bridgewater, one of the world’s largest hedge funds, working directly with senior research leadership to prototype and deliver their next-generation investment platform. He holds an SB in Computer Science and a Master's from MIT, having published papers on both computer vision and distributed databases.

    Thomas Robinson

    Chief Operating Officer

    Thomas has been instrumental in developing a culture of excellence in terms of product and customer focus within Domino.

    Thomas worked with the Domino Data lab co-founders at Bridgewater Associates where he held both technical roles and people ops roles.

    Tom Gleason

    Chief Financial Officer

    Tom is a mission-driven leader, bringing over 18 years of enterprise-focused finance and accounting experience to Domino Data Lab, spanning the data analytics, FinTech, and financial services industries.

    As Chief Financial Officer, Tom is focused on driving business growth and efficiency. Prior to joining Domino, Tom held leadership roles with Tableau Software, Avalara, and Ernst & Young. He holds BA’s in accounting and business administration from Gonzaga University and a MS in accounting from the University of Notre Dame.

    Matthew Granade


    Matthew is an experienced executive and business builder at the intersection of advanced analytics, data, finance, and technology.

    As a co-founder and member of the board, he brings to Domino decades of experience in management and market positioning to help the company unleash data science at the world’s most sophisticated companies. Matthew previously built Point72 Ventures and was Co-Head of Research at Bridgewater Associates.


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    Domino Data Lab Offices

    San Francisco

    135 Towsend St, Floor 5
    San Francisco, CA 94107


    Kings Cross Station
    London, UK. N1C 4AX

    Domino Data Lab
    135 Towsend St, Floor 5
    San Francisco, CA 94107