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“Domino keeps its platform open and agnostic to the tools that data scientists want to use in conjunction with it.”

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How a 90-year-old insurer is pushing the innovation pedal

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“We’ve built a platform to be able to do experiments within our own ecosystem and we’re doing it in a very modular way.”

“Working with Domino Data Lab, we’ve announced a validated design in our Ready Solutions for AI portfolio using Domino’s new Kubernetes-based compute grid on top of Dell infrastructure to serve customers’ unique data science needs.”

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“Our investment in Domino has… led to a return of around 10x in terms of efficiency for our data science community.”

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Revolutionizing the Pet Medical Health Insurance Industry by Processing Claims in Seconds

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BNP Paribas Cardif uses the Domino platform to develop and manage its artificial intelligence algorithms in a unique environment accessible in its 35 countries.

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With the help of Domino’s platform, BMS’s translational bioinformatics team can now successfully test tens of thousands of hypotheses with complete reproducibility to accelerate their fight against cancer.

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How S&P Global trained its workforce to be data-driven

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Accelerating automation in the automotive industry.

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This year, one of the projects the company is working on is looking at the blood of thousands of cancer patients in a clinical trial in order to generate insights into how cancer affects protein in the blood to better predict whether a person has cancer.

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Applying data science to fight child abuse

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Climate Corp. Scales Up Data Science to Power Precision Agriculture

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DataOps: Nine steps to transform your data science impact

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Helping farmers grow crops more efficiently through innovation and sustainability.

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Lessons learned from modernizing data science and analytics at Gap

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Driving customer value and efficiency with model development and deployment.

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DBRS delivers faster research outcomes with Domino.

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Audubon uses Domino to conserve over 500 bird species.

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Delivering high-availability API accessible risk models through Domino.

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Using API Endpoints to publish and operationalize R models as web services.

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