Lockheed Martin attributes $20 million-plus in value to its scalable approach to managing artificial intelligence.

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How Johnson & Johnson is embedding data science across their business.

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How easyJet bridges the gap between IT and data science.

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Governing data science by example instead of edict.

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Helping farmers grow crops more efficiently through innovation and sustainability.

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Giving homeowners answers about insurance coverage in seconds with model-driven policy approvals.

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How a 90-year-old insurer is pushing the innovation pedal.

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Delivering €2 million in incremental annual profit from model-driven insurance product recommendations.

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Building your best data science team.

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Fortune 500 financial services leader creates empathy with millions of customers around the world.

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Bringing ML to agriculture: Transforming a millenia-old industry

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With the help of Domino’s platform, BMS’s translational bioinformatics team can now successfully test tens of thousands of hypotheses with complete reproducibility to accelerate their fight against cancer.

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BioRankings’s Multi-omics Analysis Platform solution provides researchers with a truly integrative bioinformatics through statistical analysis platform for precision medicine and precision agriculture.

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Fortune 500 insurer delivers new fraud detection capabilities in weeks, not months.

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“… we’ve announced a validated design in our Ready Solutions for AI portfolio using Domino’s new Kubernetes-based compute grid on top of Dell infrastructure to serve customers’ unique data science needs.”

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BNP Paribas Cardif uses the Domino platform to develop and manage its artificial intelligence algorithms in a unique environment accessible in its 35 countries.


Increasing Revenues by Millions with Model-Driven Pricing

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Global pharma tests thousands of hypotheses with an FDA-qualified research platform.

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Lessons learned from modernizing data science and analytics at Gap.



How S&P Global trained its workforce to be data-driven.

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“Domino on Kubernetes gives our data science team the flexibility we need while offering peace of mind to our partners in IT. We can now run Domino across diverse infrastructure, including both on-premises and cloud-based environments, while also plugging into existing monitoring, logging, and enterprise security tools that our IT team knows and trusts.”

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Driving customer value and efficiency with model development and deployment.

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“Our investment in Domino has… led to a return of around 10x in terms of efficiency for our data science community.”

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Data science for the birds (and everyone).

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“We’ve built a platform to be able to do experiments within our own ecosystem and we’re doing it in a very modular way.”

Data Science Leadership Exchange: Best Practices for Driving Outcomes

“Domino keeps its platform open and agnostic to the tools that data scientists want to use in conjunction with it.”

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Revolutionizing the pet medical health insurance industry by processing claims in seconds.

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This year, one of the projects the company is working on is looking at the blood of thousands of cancer patients in a clinical trial in order to generate insights into how cancer affects protein in the blood to better predict whether a person has cancer.

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Applying data science to fight child abuse.

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DBRS delivers faster research outcomes with Domino.

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