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    Data Science Leaders | Episode 45 | 38:52 | April 5, 2022

    Change Management Strategies for Data & Analytics Transformations

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    Large enterprises will always have some internal groups that are more change-averse than others. But progress often necessitates change, and how well you navigate the change management process can make or break your success as a leader.

    Michal Levitzky is the Head of Data & Analytics (CDO) at Migdal Group, a leading insurance and finance company in Israel. Michal has spearheaded the introduction of data and analytics functions at multiple organizations, and she knows a thing or two about negotiating the complexities of change management during analytics transformations.

    In this episode, Michal shares her advice for AI leaders driving meaningful change at their own companies. Plus she details her philosophy on structuring data and analytics teams for maximum efficiency and collaboration.

    We discuss:

    • Using experience in fields like accounting as building blocks for leadership in data science
    • Change management during model-driven transformations
    • A structure to enable BI and data science functions to better support each other

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