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    Data Science Leaders | Episode 34 | 44:26 | January 18, 2022

    Embedding Responsible AI in Your Models and Your Team

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    Who uses the models that we create and how do they use them? Those key questions underpin the notion of responsible AI.

    Since algorithms can have a significant societal impact, it’s vital that data scientists are aware of the broader context in which they may be applied.

    In this episode, Anand Rao, Global Artificial Intelligence Lead at PwC, breaks down why responsible AI should be an important consideration for every data science team. Plus, he explains what you need to be successful in AI consulting, and why a portfolio approach to ROI is the best way to demonstrate value to the business.

    We discuss:

    • The difference between AI in the 1980s and today
    • Why data science leaders should care about responsible AI
    • The ingredients for an effective data science consulting practice
    • ROI analysis in data science

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