Domino empowers data scientists to build, run, and deploy models faster in a central place using the most popular tools and languages. Data scientists are able to run more experiments faster with scalable compute, avoid IT headaches with one-click model deployment, and quickly integrate data science into business processes with stakeholder-friendly reports and apps.

Hardware Tier

One click, unlimited computing power

Easily run your code on machines with up to 2TB of RAM and 100 cores, or specialized GPUs for deep learning. Run multiple experiments in parallel to iterate faster, while keeping your experiment results tracked and organized.

Stay on the cutting edge with the latest tools

Domino comes configured with an optimized scientific computing stack for work in Python, R, Julia, and more. Build custom environments with any packages you’d like. Environments are shared among your colleagues but safely sandboxed from others.

Domino Analytics Distribution
Research Hub & Reproducibility Engine

Version control designed for data science

Domino automatically tracks all your experiments, so you never lose work and can always reproduce your results. Domino keeps code, data, parameters, results and environments all linked together, creating a central place for finding, sharing, reviewing, and discussing your most important work.

Self-service deployment and productionization

With one click, publish your models as APIs—Domino handles scaling, security, high availability, and more. Or publish reports and Shiny apps to expose your work to non-technical stakeholders, and schedule recurring jobs for model retraining, report generation, or ETL tasks.

Domino Publication Bridge

Spotlight for Data Scientists